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Veteran Owned and Operated

All American
Landscape Supply

All American Landscape Supply was previously Lufkin’s Landscape that has a 45-year sterling reputation for quality landscape material products and great service.

Chris Schroth - owner of all american landscape supplyChris Schroth is All American Landscape Supply’s owner.  Chris, an United States Marine corps veteran,  has over 30 years of extensive experience in all aspects of the Landscape industry. 

Under Chris’ leadership, All American Landscape Supply’s goal is to achieve the highest levels of customer value, trust, and satisfaction for every sale. He believes getting and keeping happy customers is the best measure of his business’ success. To learn more about Chris, click here.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us during normal business hours.

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All American Landscape Supply Owner - Chris Schroth

Professional Landscaper, Designer & Project Manager

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Landscape Material Products

Choose from a large selection of quality landscape material products

Delivers in Tampa Bay Area

Bulk landscape material products are available for delivery or customer pickup

45+ Years

Serving the Tampa Bay Area

Quality products, excellent service and now extensive landscape knowledge

With your Landscape Ideas and Imagination

Use our Landscape Products to get the Landscape you want!

landscape materials

Red Mulch to contrast predominantly green plants

landscape materials

Natural Mulch with a border of White River Rock

Our Goal is

A Beautiful Landscape

Our goal is to help you create beautiful outdoor environments as an art form that will increase your enjoyment and improve the property value.

All American Landscape Supply serves homeowners, landscapers, landscape designers, nurseries, developers, HOA’s, property managers, lawn care companies and landscape maintenance companies in the Tampa Bay area.

All American Landscape Supply Offers

Large Selection
At All American Landscape Supply, we carry 31 landscape material products used by professional landscapes and products that are popular and in demand in the industry. We offer selective landscape materials in bulk, 5 gallon containers and prepackage bags.

Our store’s Landscape Material Products Include the following categories:

  • Several Different Mulches & Pine Bark
  • Top Soil, Organic Potting Soil, Organic Compost
  • Variety of Stones, Rocks, Chips, Gravel, & Seashells
  • Lava Rock
  • Sand, Paver Base, Mason Sand &  Fill-Dirt
Quality Landscape Materials
All American Landscape Supply’s owner, Chris Schroth, sets a high-bar criteria for Product Quality Standards and personally inspects every material shipment delivery to our store. Chris has rejected shipments in the past, if the landscape material quality doesn’t meet his standards.

Chris’ product quality criteria are based on consistent size, limited damage, uniformity, and homogeneity of color and textual. Our landscape material products must serve the purpose of functional capability such as holding moisture or blocking weeds, etc., aesthetically pleasing and durable as possible.


Our delivery service is fee-based on the quantity of bulk material, type of material and the distance from our store. Our delivery service is for Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Pasco counties.

Customer Pick-up

All American Landscape Supply offers arrangements for Landscape Material Pick-up for both residential and commercial customers. Our service includes helping load your truck or trailer for bulk products . Our front-end loader will fill it as part of our value-add service. For pre-packaged products or sold by 5-gallon buckets, the customer can load their vehicle at their convenience.

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