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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I determine the amount of landscape material that I need?
Generally, you will need 1 cubic yard for every 100 square feet at a depth of 3 inches. This may fluctuate with the type of material used. Call us anytime for assistance. Also you can use are Landscape Calculator.
How deep should I lay mulch?
The benefit of mulch is to help retain moisture around your plants, prevent erosion, and deter weeds from growing. Over time, it also nourishes the soil as it decomposes. Always remember to place mulch a minimum of 1 to 2″ away from tree trunks and plant stems to allow proper air circulation. Maintaining a 3″ layer is normally sufficient.

What's the benefit using rock or mulch?

The main benefit is rock is considered permanent and rarely needs to be replenished. It also will retain moisture, prevent erosion and deter the growth of weeds. It is a very decorative material and comes in many beautiful varieties, which add a distinctive quality to your landscape. While mulch provides many of these benefits, but also breakdown in the soil and will provide nourishment and organic substance.

I lwould ike to match the rock I already have. Can I get a sample to take home?

We provide samples of any of our products to our customers. Just come by anytime we are open.


Do you offer delivery, or can I bring my truck in to be loaded?

We deliver to our customers in Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough Counties Monday through Saturday.  Arrangements are normally made a day ahead of time, and cost depends on quantity, type of material, and location of delivery. You do not need to be home if delivery is prepaid.

Also, you can bring your truck or trailer to be loaded in our yard. Customer pick up allows you to pick up our bulk material product or bagged or prepackage products.

Can you deliver more than one product?
No, we only deliver a single product at a time, due to mixing of the product during transport.

Do your prices include a delivery charge?

No. Our price are for the material products only. Delivery are calculated  based on quantity, product type and location.

How much bulk material product can be delivered per truck-load and where will it be dumped?

We deliver a maximum of 10 cubic yards of light material for Mulch and Potting Soil and 7 cubic yards for heavy material of Dirt and Rock/Shell per truckload. It will be dumped as close to the worksite area as possible or either by the road or on the driveway. We recommend for orders greater than 10 yards for light materials and/or greater than 7 yards for heavy yards, you call our office to discuss possible discounts and delivery arrangements.

We claim no responsibility for any damage to property that may occur, including but not limited to curbs, sidewalks, gutters, driveways, irrigation lines, privacy gates, etc. The customer assumes the responsibility when ordering material product delivered or any other form of a second party or contracted transportation.

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