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6675 46th Avenue N.
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Bulk and Prepackage Available for

Customer Pick Up

Both residential and commercial customers may use our  Customer Pick Up service.  Our Customer Pick Up service is the choice you make when you create your order. Because our products are sold in bulk, you will save money over buying products that are sold per-packaged. In addition, when you choose Customer Pick Up over our Delivery Service, you will avoid the delivery charge.

To receive our Customer Pick Up Service of loading the landscape material, the vehicle you use must be a dump truck, or pickup truck, or trailer, or truck with a flatbed capable of holding the load. We will load your truck or trailer with our loader.

5 gallon buck for customer pick up of bulk landscape materialsFor small loads, many customers line their trunk with a tarp and bring a 5-gallon bucket to load their trunk themself. All 5-gallon bucket purchases are self-service.

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Order Online, by Phone or Visit Our Store and Order in Person

After you may create your order of the product(s) you want from either online by this website, calling our office for a phone order or visiting our physical store and ordering in person. Your order may be picked up with you vehicle anytime during normal business hours.

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