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Refunds and Returns Policy

by | Sep 11, 2021

All American Landscape Supply Refunds and Returns Policy

We offer two types of products loose bulk products and some prepackaged products that may be eligible for credit. We only provide store credit, no refinds .

We provide credit for products purchased in the lasts 30 days. If 30 days have passed since your purchase, we can’t offer you a full exchange or credit.


Our Return Policy is based on the products being untouched by the customer or not being delivered.  Straight forward credit are available for unmoved products that don’t leave our yard or returned unopen and undamaged packaged products purchased from us.

Returns may have a restocking fee for products that remain in our yard but are moved for loading purposes or undelivered products that are put on our dump trunks.

For products undelivered on the trunk may have a restocking fee and delivery fee. There are no credit for bulk products picked up by customers, or delivered to the customer’s property, or products delivered by third parties, or any damaged or open prepackage products.

Cancel Product Orders

For the online order, phone orders, or orders made in person at our store that are processed or pending, please call our office (727) 545-9797 to cancel the order and request a credit.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance with our Refund and Return Policy.