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Landscape Calculator

Our Landscape Calculator

The calculator provides an accurate estimate of cubic yards of the Landscape Material for mulch, river rock, lava rock, topsoil, etc.

The Size of the Landscape

How Much Landscape Material is Needed?

Estimating how much material is needed for a project can be simplified by considering a basic rule of thumb: 0.9 yards is needed for every 100 square feet to cover the ground at a depth of 3 inches. We recommend rounding up to one yard instead of for .9 yards. Slightly more material will be needed when using larger size rocks, such as 1.5″ river rock, lime rock, or lava rock.

To determine how many square feet you need to cover, measure the length and width, then multiply the length by width and then multiply by the depth. For example: If your garden bed is 10 feet long by 30 feet wide, and you want to fill it with soil to a depth of 3 inches, you would need 2.8 cubic yards. It’s always good practice to round up to 3 cubic yards.

How much River Rock do you need to buy?

brown river rock

Using our

Bulk Material Calculator

We usually recommended at least 3″ of Landscape Material Products used for ground cover to help optimally suppress weeds,  retain water and provide clean color and textual contrast. For Topsoil Potting Soil, Black Gold Compost, Fill Dirt, and Manson Sand will depend on the individual situations and construction requirements for filling, leveling, slopping or building fabrication. 

Our calculator will give the cubic yards you will need of mulch or any other materials we offer. We recommend you round up the calculated c ubic yards to whole number.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff at (727) 545-9797.